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Burraneer Bay

Remedial Massage Clinic is a professional health clinic located in the quiet streets of Burraneer. Our therapy aims to restore balance back to the body, in order to optimise health and well being. We believe that your health is your wealth. Practitioner David Johnson, accredited with a Diploma of Remedial Massage, runs his business from home, at 5A Harris Street Burraneer, 2230.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

An Ancient Science

A trigger point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body. A trigger point in the back, for example, may produce referred pain in the neck. The results and benefits of trigger point massage are releasing constricted areas in the muscles thus alleviating pain.

Natural Healing

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.


  • Reduced muscle tension.

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system.

  • Reduction of stress hormones, promoting

  • Increased joint mobility, flexibility and

  • Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries.

Consultation and Assessment

Before any remedial massage treatment begins, a thorough patient consultation and assessment is to be performed to ascertain the patient’s current health status. If the patient is suitable for remedial massage and relying on the patient’s feedback to identify the areas that require attention, the therapist can then apply the relevant and appropriate treatment.

"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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